We had a great time at Comicon, of course. The book did really well and we met a lot of fans and even did a couple of interviews. The girls seem to have had a blast. I keep looking around Flickr and seeing Hellcat pictures popping up everywhere.
Took a lot of pictures out there of a lot of people in a lot of great outfits. Decided to add them here. In the future, any pics we have from fans, be they photos with max, the girls, and myself, or fanart that people have drawn will be added to the Fan Pics section of the website. I actually have a couple of really good sketches by Indy Comic artist Kristoffer Smith that I will be putting up as soon as I have time. But until then, enjoy these photos from the con. Even more pictures from comicon, including all those without the ‘Cats, but with some great costumes nonetheless are on my flickr page. If you have your own pics with the ‘Cats you’d like uploaded here or if you have any fan sketches, please send them to
Also, we’re hard at work on issue 2 of Cosmic Hellcats IX. But until then, be sure to check out the website for the new Web Comics section of the site for the brand new Cosmic Hellcats Adventures webcomic that Max and I just started. We’ll be updating it a couple times a week with further exploits of the ‘Cats. These will probably even be sillier than what happens in the main book, which from now on is going to center more on story. Hopefully, we’ll also be making Adventures into a published comic or manga as well, once we have enough of them. But that’s off in the future. Until then, just enjoy them here. 
The first issue of Cosmic Hellcats IX is also still available. So if you don’t have it yet, head over to the Bookstore and grab a copy. The more we sell, the sooner issue 2 can come out.