Sometimes Max and I like to throw little in-jokes or sight gags in the comic. They’re actually all over the first issue of the book if you care to look for them (still available, in two different versions, from the Hellcats Bookstore, order yours today! End Cheap Plug). There have been a couple in the webcomic as well. Sometimes they’re really subtle or even really really inside and only we’d get them. Other times, they’re there for anyone who cares to see them.
There was one we wanted to do today, but no one would ever notice it because we don’t publish the webcomics at high enough resolution to make it legible, so I thought I’d point out the warning label on Chaste’s giant gun in today’s comic. Max actually came up with the text here, so full credit goes to him on this one. I just added it to the gun when I was doing the coloring and lettering. You can see the text more clearly by clicking on this image, but if you still can’t read it, it says:

WARNING: The Federated Union of Confederated Kingdoms declaration 187352-97B has categorized the use of this weapon as a Class 3 War Crime except in extraordinary circumstances outlined in section 14b R7 of Federated Union of Confederated Kingdoms Declaration 165432-44D. Operators are advised to file request for Authorization of Excessive Destructive Force under code 6786453-J of the Transdimensional Interstellar Tranquility Squadron Charter

See, you always have to pay attention. We’re so clever…  or bored… I’m not sure which.