frontcover.jpgThe first issue of Science Ninja Action Team: Cosmic Hellcats IX has shipped and is available for purchase. Mav and Max will be debuting the comic along with the Hellcats themselves at this years Pittsburgh Comicon. Stop by and visit, buy a copy, poster or a t-shirt and have it signed.

Cosmic Hellcats IX is a comedic science fiction epic. The story of a four woman team of Felinoids on an intergalatic mission of scientific discovery and peacekeeping. 
The characters are based on four gorgeous real life models, Chaste, Damsel Reed, Sarah Prankha and Amaya Solace. All four girls had worked with photographer, Chris Maverick, and inspired him to write a comic featuring him. Art is provided by Mav’s longtime friend and collaborator, Maximilian.
Or order the comic online from IndyPlanet. If you’d like something really special order the Portfolio edition from The Portfolio edition includes the first issue of the comic as well as a collection of pinups (both drawings by Max and Photographs by Mav) of each of the Hellcats as well as photos of each of the Hellcats from other photoshoots they’ve done with Mav. 
Pick one or both up today. Then come back here, to for the debut of the Cosmic Hellcats webcomic.