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More Riley from BCC2011

Riley_Alphagold1.jpg Riley_coolsteel27.jpg
Some more photos of Riley from Baltimore Comicon 2011. Thanks to coolsteel27 and alphagold1 of flickr for providing these. If you have more pics of the girls from Comicon (or any fan art) please pass them along.


Sarah and Joe from Baltimore Comicon 2011

DSC00064.jpgI asked for more photos of the girls from Baltimore Comicon and new Hellcats reader Joe was happily to oblige by sending in this photo he took with Sarah near our booth there. If anyone else has any photos, please send them along and we'll post them as well.

Joe had the following to say:

"Went to the website and saw you posted pics of BCC 2011 and wanted more photos of fans with you all or the girls. So here is one of me and Sarah. Possibly my favorite photo ever!!! Especially to piss off my ex-wife for treating me the way she did. Keep writing/drawing and Ill keep reading."

Thanks Joe. Making other women jealous is pretty much what Sarah does best. We'll keep going as long as everyone keeps reading. Yay for circular logic.


Baltimore Comicon 2011 Photos

BCC2011-5.jpgCheck it out! Right on time with photos from Baltimore Comicon 2011! I rule! (yeah, don't expect this to be a habit.)

Anyway, Max and I went to Baltimore Comicon last weekend. As you can see from today's comic as well as the main photo on this entry, we not only took Sarah with us, but we also brought Riley along to her very first comic book convention. Some of you might remember that Riley was supposed to be with us in Pittsburgh this year, but a mishap with her uniform meant she couldn't make it. That problem was remedied however and she was available at the Cosmic Hellcats booth to take photos with our fans all last weekend. As you can see from this photo as well as the Cosmos from today, Riley's inaugural trip was not without a bit of adventure, but hopefully she agrees to come to future shows nonetheless.

Lots of people showed up for the costly contest this year, so I have even more photos than normal. No complaints. I'm always amazed at what people come up with.

Baltimore was a great show and we look forward to going back next year. 

If you have any photos with us or the girls from Baltimore Comicon (or any of the others we've gone to) please mail them to us at so we can post them here.

Thank you to everyone who came out to meet us this weekend, and watch this space for updates to other conventions that we'll be attending.


Do You Have any Hellcats Art?

bella painting.jpgSpeaking of the new Hellcats, Bella was so happy with being chosen as one of the new Hellcats that she decided to paint a picture of herself. We always like when the girls themselves contribute so I was excited to post it as soon as possible.

But that brings up something very important. Do you have any Cosmic Hellcats artwork? A picture you drew? Or yourself in cosplay as a Hellcat character (one of ours or one of your own creation)? If so mail it to us at and we'll post it on the site.

And once more, if you're in or near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, come and visit us this weekend at Pittsburgh Comicon.


Happy Mother's Day

You may have noticed that today's Satuday edition of Hellcats Cosmos is in color, like Cosmic Hellcats Adventures, while normally they're in black and white. Well, there's a good reason for that. No, we're not moving to color Satudays, because frankly the effort that goes into that sort of thing is killing us as it is. Nope, this is a special gift to my mom in honor of Mother's Day.

When we first started Cosmos, the idea was to both give you guys, the readers, an idea of the Hellcats Universe beyond what you see in the main strip. We figured we could show some backstory and flesh out some characters without interrupting the ongoing story. It also meant that it would give Max a chance to write some of the strips and me a chance to draw some. Something that both of us have been wanting to switch off on for quite some time. 

The only problem was that I've been so busy with the strip and with other projects that I hadn't had a chance to draw one. But, last week, when I realized Mother's Day was coming up I had an idea. 

For those who don't know, the character of Admiral Kitty is based on my mother, who had been begging me to appear in the strip for quite some time. And of course, ever since she first appeared, she's been begging for more. Well, as a special Mother's Day present, i thought I'd surprise her by putting her in a starring role of her very own strip. Well, a one panel one, and figured I'd even make it in color.

So Happy Mother's Day, Mom! I love you.

And happy mother's to all the baby's mommas out there. And all the momma's mommas. 

Enjoy the special color Cosmos, a look at the past of the Cosmic Hellcats team during the third intergalactic war. Come back on Monday to see Adventures continue and come back next week to see another peek at the Hellcat's Cosmos.


Fan Photo from Mickey Sacks

It's been a while since I posted any new notes here, other than the comic. I certainly hope everyone has been enjoying it. Please, let us know, either by commenting on the comics themselves (you can create an account or simply click "comment anonymously" or by sending us mail at

Hopefully we'll get some new sketches up in the sketchbook soon. In the meantime, we're happy to share this fanpic from flickr user, Mickey Sacks. Mickey is also petitioning for a  place being a future Hellcat. Now that we've had several people ask, I'm going to issue a formal challenge. If you'd like to be a Hellcat in a future storyline (or perhaps a TEDD-IJA, like Kennedy), then please send a picture of yourself dressed as a Hellcat to us at Maybe one day you'll be in the comic.

And we'd still like to see hand drawn fan art as well. It's been a while since we got any of those submitted. So if you'd like to take a shot at drawing the Hellcats, please do so and send it to us and we'll post that here as well. Maybe one day we'll even have a week of guest strips or something that people can do. But one step at a time.

Anyway, what do you think? Should Mickey be the next Hellcat?


Fan Photo from Lrayholly

I created the Cosmic Hellcats fanpics section, because I thought it would be cool to see some interpretations of the characters from other artists. And by interpretations, I was kind of expecting drawings. 

It really never dawned on me that we'd have people submitting photographs. But I think it's great that they do. It seems everyone wants to be a Hellcat.

I couldn't be happier.

This is from Lrayholly who has informed us that the one thing the Cosmic Hellcats team is missing is an older member. So she has created the character of Mz. Kittie, an elderly but feisty felinoid from back in the old days. I actually think the idea shows some promise. What do you think? Could Mz. Kittie be a Hellcat?

We'd love to see more people's Hellcat creations, either photos or drawings and your interpretations of the official characters, or just any other comments about the comic or the site you happen to have. Please write us at We look forward to it.


Fan Art from Steph

Steph felt that there needed to be more fan art pictures of Damsel and Amaya, so she sent this in.

We've been quite pleased with all the submissions for the fan art section. Thank you all for participating. 

We're always looking for more. So if you have any Hellcats pictures and would like them posted here, we'd love it if you'd send them in to


Fan Art and Photo from Like_Shipwrecks

In some ways, posting fanpics is more fun than working on comic itself. Don't get me wrong. I love writing the comic, and without the comic there's nothing for people to send in fan pics for. But it's always nice to see that there are people out there who like the strip.

This one was sent in from Like_Shipwrecks. She says that she tried to draw a hellcat, but it wasn't working out so she decided to just dressup as one. Her original drawing is below. I don't know, as good as the drawing is, seeing her is even better. 

What do you think? Have we found the next Cosmic Hellcat?

If you have fan art, or you've dressed up as a character from the strip, send it to us at



Fan Art from Helder

I love it when I can just ask for something and it happens.

I asked for more fan art of the girls and we received this sketch from another of my Flickr peeps, Helder.

Helder did a sketch of all four girls, which is awesome because now they're all represented in the fanart section at least once. But more importantly I like that he used a very different style from what we normally do here. It's always nice to see different interpretations of the characters.

Of course we still want more fan art as well, so if you feel like drawing any, or if you just want to tell us what you think of the strip or the book, please email us at

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