Official Handbook to the Hellcat Universe

After the Third Great Intergalatic War, the Transuniversal Intergalactic Tranquility Squadron of the Federated Union of Confederated Kingdoms has established several highly trained strike forces to enforce peace across the cosmos. These units were organized into units under the command of their home kingdoms. The Felinius system has codenamed their units the Cosmic Hellcats. They patrol the universe both enforcing the rules of the Confederation and exploring new worlds in the name of scientific discovery.

Science Ninja Action Team: Cosmic Hellcats IX
The primary characters of Cosmic Hellcat Adventures are the members of the CH9, an all female Science Ninja Action Team(SNAT) under the command of Amaya Solace. Despite the fact that they are the youngest fully active SNAT on record, and have a history of recklessness and general trouble-making, they are well respected amongst the squadron as their methods, while unconventional, have always been quite effective.
Captain of the FSS-CH9, Amaya Solace is the daughter of a high-ranking admiral from the Felinius Kingdom and the youngest person ever appointed captain of a Felinoid Smartship. Hard-nosed and tough as nails, she constantly struggles to prove herself and her team among the Squadron forces, many of whom assume she received her post through nepotism. Despite the general mistrust of her throughout the squadron, she has a reputation for being a fierce fighter, albeit with a history of insubordination and inability to follow orders. Prior to her commission as captain, she served with the CH13.

Chaste's exact origin is unknown. While she is clearly a Felinoid, she was discovered living alone in the wild jungles of Kaneon-9 by the crew of the FSS-CH13. She eventually was given a special appointment to the Cosmic Hellcats forces by Admiral Otto Solace and now serves as Armsmaster aboard the FSS-CH9. Perhaps the most feared combatant in the Squadron, Chaste has a no-nonsense "shoot first and let Ceiling Cat sort them out" attitude. While on the surface she is distant and mean-spirited towards her fellow shipmates, she is extremely protective of them and considers them her family – the only family she has ever known.

Damsel Reed
As pilot of the FSS-CH9, Damsel is one of the greatest pilots in the entire Squadron. Born to a wealthy family and living a life of relative luxury and privilege, Damsel found herself drawn to a greater calling. She ran away from home and enrolled in the Academy for Science Soldiers and eventually was made a Cosmic Hellcat. Despite her stong sense of duty and love of adventure, Damsel is still a socialite princess at heart. She is as much intrigued by the promise of adventure that being a Hellcat provides, as she is to the nobility and honor it brings.
Sarah Prankha
Of all the crew of the FSS-CH9, Sarah probably wants to be there the least. A brilliant scientist and leading authority on rocket science and physics, her intelligence and technical ability are rivaled only by her libido and hedonistic nature. Born a flower child to hippie parents, she finds herself constantly torn between the worlds of free-love and semi-conductor mechanics. While she is well respected in her field and throughout the Kingdom for her brilliance, her carefree attitude and lack of discretion landed her a court martial and got her "sentenced" to active duty with the Hellcats. While she loves her crewmates, she'd greatly prefer life on firm land to the isolation of deep space.

andrew.jpgWhen the entire team was imprisoned by a group of Rigellians on the desolate planet U'ta, Sarah reprogrammed a Rigellian battledroid and used it to help the team escape. Renaming him Andrew, they welcomed him aboard the crew. Like all battledroids, Andrew lacks voice capability. However, unlike the others, he has developed an extensive emotional and moral compass due to both his reprogramming and his time with the Hellcats. He is completely loyal and devoted to the team, even though he often feels neglected and overlooked by them. He has become particularly fond of Damsel and somewhat antagonistic to Fluffy.

fluffy.jpgFluffy is the Artificial Intelligence that controls the shipboard computer of the FSS-CH9. Like all felinoid smartships, the neural network that forms his AI is sentient and capable of independent thought, learning and emotion. This design is intended to make the smartship feel a kinship with the team by causing it to consider itself a member of the team. However, while most smartships become attached and protective of their crew, the constant danger that the CH9 tends to face through the team's relative inexperience and general recklessness has caused Fluffy to treat them with some amount of disdain. In particular, he is rather antagonistic of Damsel and Sarah, whom (as pilot and engineer) he blames for the majority of his perils, and Andrew, whom he considers to be an inferior artificial intelligence.

Science Ninja Action Team: Cosmic Hellcats VII
The CH7 is a fellow Science Ninja Action Team led by Nikki Kitai. While they are on very good terms with the CH9, the rest of the Squadron generally considers them to be incompetent and they are typically sent on missions that "keep them out of the way" of important Confederation business. They have a history of wrecking smartships and crew member deaths. 

Nikki "Shipwrecks" Kitai
nikki.jpgNicolette Kitai served as a cadet amongst the legendary CH13 along with Amaya and Chaste. While generally considered to be a less than than effective soldier, she, along with the other cadets, was instrumental in the defeat of legendary space pirate Gorthon Z'Rxnrz. When Amaya was given her own command, the Squadron decided not to transfer Nikki along with Chaste and Amaya to the CH9 because they considered her lesbian crush on Amaya to be a liability. Instead she was transferred to the CH7, which she eventually became captain of, primarily through the mysterious deaths of her crewmates until she was the ranking officer. Because of her constant misfortune, other members of the Squadron often derisively refer to her as "Shipwrecks."

Bambii Springs 
Bambii is the current pilot of the FSS-CH7. Despite being a member of a SNAT that most Hellcats consider "cursed," Bambii generally maintains a cheerful demeanor and optimistic attitude. She is prone to falling in love very easily with the men that she dates. Unfortunately these men seem to frequently meet untimely ends. As such, she has not quite yet found the solemate that she has been searching for. Bambii recently lost her left arm in a Swamp Zombie attack. It was replaced by a bionic prosthesis designed by Sarah.

Roger Glover
Roger Glover was a longstanding member of the legendary SNAT: CH13, having joined the unit, then officially codenamed the "Meowing Commandos," during the Third Intergalactic War. When the CH13 was retired, he was reassigned to finish out the end of his active duty career under the command of his former cadet, Nikki Kitai, aboard the CH7. The Squadron was hoping that he'd be able to keep an eye on her and help protect the team. Unfortunately, Glover was killed in a surprise pirate attack on his ship a mere three weeks before he was scheduled to retire.

"Ensign" Matt Matthews
Matt Matthews, along with his twin brother Mathias, is a member of the cursed Matthews family. The Matthews family has a longstanding history of dying in unlikely accidents while partaking in adventures. After Matt's father was killed on one of these adventures, his mother forbade her children from doing anything dangerous. However, like all members of the Matthews family, dreams of greatness eventually overcame him and he joined the Transuniversal Intergalactic Tranquility Squadron as a Cosmic Hellcat serving as an analyst on the CH7. Matt's crewmates (including Bambii, with whom he had a brief sexual affair) find him generally forgettable and have trouble remembering his name, usually referring to him by his rank, Ensign, instead. This causes him no shortage of aggravation. He was killed soon after joining active duty on the CH7 by a Swamp Zombie.

Mickey Mercury
Yearning for adventure, Mickey joined the pirate ship Vagabond as the sole felinoid member of the crew and became it's helmsmen. However she eventually became at odds with the methods used by Captain Arkady and his general lack of respect or compassion for the crew (particularly, that he considered their lives disposible). Eventually she turned on him and was instrumental in helping Lucy mutiny and take control of the ship. After this adventure, she defected and joined the CH7 and was given a field commission. Mickey appears to be at least partially felinoid panthera pardus (most felinoids being felinoid sapien catus).  

Hindenburgh is the Artificial Intelligence that controls the shipboard computer of the FSS-CH7. Like all felinoid smartships, the neural network that forms his AI is sentient and capable of independent thought, learning and emotion. This design is intended to make the smartship feel a kinship with the team by causing it to consider itself a member of the team. Unlike Fluffy, who basically rejects this programming, Hindenburgh follows it to an extreme, being willing to sacrifice himself for the crew in even the most benign and trivial crisis. Because of this, the hull of the ship has been destroyed or in need of substantial repair more times than any other smartship in the fleet.

Science Ninja Action Team: Cosmic Hellcats XIII
The CH13 is perhaps the most storied and respected of all Science Ninja Action Teams. Led by Kitty Hawk, the team was formed from during the Third Intergalactic War by a band of felinoid rebels who called themselves the "Meowing Commandos." When the war concluded and the Rebellion formed the Federation of United Confederated Kingdoms, the Meowing Commandos became one of the premiere SNATs in the Transuniversal Intergalactic Tranquility Squadron.

Kitty Hawk
kitty.jpgOne of the the greatest heroes of the Rebellion, during the Third Intergalactic War, Sgt. Kitty Hawk was instrumental in the success of the Battle of B'll'R'un-Prime, the turning point of the war. After the war, the Meowing Commandos became an officially sanctioned Science Ninja Action Team and Kitty was given the command. In her youth she was quite unorthodox in her methods, though very effective and as such, while she seldom admits it, feels an affinity for Amaya, today. Over the years, she rose through Squadron Ranks and is now an Admiral and the ranking commander of all SNAT forces. 

Jonas Grendel II
grendel.jpgGrendel is the son of the most decorated hero in the history of the Confederation. Long neglected and considered a disappointment by his legendary father, Grendel set out to prove himself by becoming a hero in his own right, first with the Meowing Commandos and later with the CH13. Grendel is the consumate soldier, as serious and hard on his fellow Hellcats as his father was on him. He is currently a Colonel in the Transuniversal Intergalactic Tranquility Squadron and the right hand of Admiral Kitty. Unlike most felinoids, who have the species designation felinoid sapien catus, Grendel is felinoid panthera leo, making him somewhat larger and more imposing than most felinoids.
"Flyboy" Horace Henderson
horace.jpgBack in his prime, Horace was both one of the most renowned pilots in the Confederation as well as competing in the Intergalactic Wrestling Federation, where he won the Heavyweight Championship an unprecedented five times; both of these facts being things he would never allow anyone else to forget. After the Third Intergalactic War, Horace married his fellow Meowing Commando, Minerva, and both went on to serve with the CH13. Now retired, the two run a very successful chain of pizza and donut restaurants. 

Minerva Henderson
minerva.jpgAt age seventeen, Minerva won the prestigious beauty title of Miss Felinius and went on to win runner-up in the Miss Cosmos contest, losing the title to Miss Rigel. Believing the contest to be rigged by the then cosmos-controlling forces of the Rigel Empire, Minerva joined the Rebellion and fought as a member of the Meowing Commandos. Although she never managed to prove that the Miss Cosmos competition was fixed, she did help the Rebellion win the war and went on to serve with the CH13 afterwards. Today, she is married to her fellow Commando, Horace and the two have retired from active military duty to run a chain of pizza and donut restaurants.

"Pops" Jonas Grendel
pops.jpgEasily the most decorated soldier of all time in the entire Squadron, Pops is the only man to have served in all three Intergalactic Wars. A member of the legendary military Grendel family, Jonas enlisted in the armed forces at the age of four to fight in the first Intergalactic War. During the Second Intergalactic War, he became known by the codename Captain Felinius, an identity that he continued to use throughout the Third Intergalactic War and for years after. As Captain Felinius, Pops was granted complete autonomy by the Squadron and essentially served as a one-man unit, however he was often assisted (sometimes reluctantly) by the CH13. Unlike most felinoids who have the species designation felinoid sapien catus, Pops is felinoid panthera leo, making him somewhat larger and more imposing than most felinoids (at least until he became extremely old).

Tactics, Espionage and Defense Directorate: Intergalatic Justice Advocates - µ
The military complex of the Ursa system is comprised of the Tactics, Espionage and Defense Directorate and is responsible for peacekeeping and policework through the Federation of United Confederated Kingdoms. TEDD units are called Intergalactic Justice Advocates and IJA-µ is assigned primarilly to Sector 3 of the Beta Quadrant, where the Felinius System is loacted. As such they frequently come in contact with Cosmic Hellcats.

Lieutenant Kennedy is the commander of IJA-µ. He is a charming, goodlooking and a notorious womanizer. He is confident and egotistical to the point that it tends to interfere with his military duties, however, the unit is effective enough that for the most part the Squadron gives him lattitude. Kennedy is also somewhat chauvinistic and tends to overlook the accomplishments and abilities of female officers, prefering instead to flirt with them. The other members of the IJA-µ tend to disregard Kennedy's command status, however he is generally too self-involved to notice.

With the rank of Staff Sergeant, the gruff and irritable Roosevelt (commonly called Sarge) is technically the lowest ranking officer (and the only non-commissioned one) in the IJA-µ, but in practice he essentially serves as their leader due to Kennedy's general unreliability. Pendergrass and Riley respect his capabilities and experience despite their technically outranking him, while Kennedy doesn't realize that the others look to Sarge instead of him for guidance.

An extremely gifted scientist and inventor, Riley is both the most intelligent among the IJA-µ and the only female. Between these two details, she frequently finds herself left out of field missions and delegated to a support role, something she deeply resents. As such, she takes any opportunity she can to become involved in active combat with hostiles. She is very close with Sarah Prankha, whom, despite the fact that the latter frequently corrals her into dangerous situations on "nights out on the town," she considers her best friend (mostly due to a lack of other options).

Pendergrass is the most laid-back and easy-going member of the IJA-µ and the jokester of the group. While he is a gifted and accomplished pilot and soldier, he has something of an aversion to violence and prefers to settle matters peacefully if at all possible. He loves practical jokes and his favorite target is Sarge, mostly because he knows that Roosevelt lacks a sense of humor. Pendergrass is a vegetarian and spends most of his downtime playing videogames and eating junk food.

Special Tasks And Rescue
When the Confederation faces a threat of utmost importance that requires extraordinary skills and power, a Special Task And Rescue force from the Vulpine system, The STARfoxes. STARfox forces are specially chosen for their ability to manipulate a unique psychic energy particular to vulpinoids known as foxfire. While foxfire itself is innate in the STARfox who is manifesting it, it is typically focused through a Foxfire weapon. When a STARfox is killed, his weapon searches the Vulpine system for the most suitable replacement. STARfoxes are particularly vulnerable to water, the one substance that foxfire is unable to affect.

Sahara St. James
sahara-face.jpgSahara is a respected elder statesman amongst the STARfoxes, having risen to the rank of Captain. While, the STARfoxes operate more autonomously than units like the Hellcats, Sahara is experienced enough that her colleagues often look to her for guidance and she is frequently given command when group missions are required and is frequently given recruits to instruct. Sahara is confident and commanding and takes her position seriously. Her focus weapon is a bo-staff.

Miaa Marleigh
Miaa is reknowned as one of the deadliest sharpshooters, not only within the Vulpine system but among the entire confederation with AIM that rival's Chaste's. Though she lacks Chaste's other fighting skills, her command of Foxfire more than makes up for this and she has become one of the system's most reknowned heroes. Because of this success, she is frequently given recruits to instruct, however, she tends to be short tempered and intolerant of incompetence, particularly among her fellow STARfoxes whom she feels should be an example to all soldiers of any kind in the Squadron. Her focus weapon is a crossbow.

Shiima Xion
Shiima is recent recruit amongst the STARfoxes and has been assigned to shadow Miaa until he has learned to be a hero in his own right. More brave than intelligent and more lucky than skilled, he can be found at the forefront of any battle, sometimes not knowing the specifics of what he is fighting for or the ramifications of the battle itself. Despite his gung-ho attitude, he is limited in battle by his inexperience, in particular the fact that he has to this point been able to master the basic foxfire skill of teleportation, often getting sick, particularly upon distant jumps through hyperspace. His focus weapon is a battle axe.

Trix Morgan
Trix is the newest recruit to the Special Task and Rescue forces and assigned to shadow Sahara until she is ready to patrol on her own. While she is very inexperience at the use of her powers, she is extremely anxious to prove herself, not only amongst the STARfoxes, but also to friends and classmates of hers from before she was recruited. Unfortunately, she sometimes embarrasses herself through misuse of her abilities due to her inexperience. Trix grew up as a wallflower and enjoys the power and fame that comes with her position and her first successful use of her powers was to increase her own bustline. Her focus weapon is a sword.

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