Sarah and Joe from Baltimore Comicon 2011

DSC00064.jpgI asked for more photos of the girls from Baltimore Comicon and new Hellcats reader Joe was happily to oblige by sending in this photo he took with Sarah near our booth there. If anyone else has any photos, please send them along and we'll post them as well.

Joe had the following to say:

"Went to the website and saw you posted pics of BCC 2011 and wanted more photos of fans with you all or the girls. So here is one of me and Sarah. Possibly my favorite photo ever!!! Especially to piss off my ex-wife for treating me the way she did. Keep writing/drawing and Ill keep reading."

Thanks Joe. Making other women jealous is pretty much what Sarah does best. We'll keep going as long as everyone keeps reading. Yay for circular logic.


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