Guest Week - 2-26-09

This is the first comic of Cosmic Hellcats Guest Week. Before we start the next storyline, we'll be featuring a few comics staring the Hellcats by a couple of artist friends of ours and fans of the storyline, while Max and Mav prepare for the next arc. Today's comic is by Helder Silva.

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Wow... I was truly shocked at the end LOL!! I'm not sure if that form of torture is approved by the Army Field Manual!

Good work Helder!


I'm pretty sure you're allowed to do whatever you want to a hologram. Especially once it turns evil and comes to life.

hehe thanks
@Stephen - that form of "torture" is in the special section of Manual KatSutra :-)

@Max - i'm sure you know about something more about that hologram.. care to share?! :-D

it was fun playing with these characthers and hope you enjoy my art and maybe give a name to that high ranking offical in a possible future appearance :-)

All I know is if you're talking about holograms turning evil, it's a matter of when, not if.

Oh, and I just noticed...first appearance of Mav!

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