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When I was a little girl (on planet Earth) and first heard about "test tube babies", I thought "what an awesome development!"  Later I was disappointed to learn that this did not mean that babies grew to term in the test tube, but still had to do that in a woman's uterus (which of course causes all kinds of hassles for that woman!).  And after all these years, there are STILL no developments on this front. So my question to you is: Does this technology exists on other planets, and if so, can you bring it to Earth?




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One thing I've always pondered about Earth women is their birth control. I mean, you take in cats and dogs and you cut them open to keep them from procreating... and yet you refuse to do it to yourselves. I did that *ages* ago and I couldn't be happier.


Unfortunately, from what I have seen of the universe, if you are a warm blooded being -as I believe you are - those little suckers have to be parasitic. And I've seen Alien. We all know that there are no viscously terrifying, face hugging, stomach exploding alien race out there. (At least not one I've ever run across). Nope, that was your species metaphor for human pregnancy.


This isn't to say there haven't been ANY new technologies in the realm of reproduction. I was once invited to the parthenogenesis planet Lizardia for a baby shower. I stayed for like, one hot minute. I mean, can you imagine? An entire planet devoid of men? Pregnancy without sex? Honestly, what's the point


But it exists. So maybe that's something your planet should look into.





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