This weekend, Max and I were at Wizard World Pittsburgh, along with Chaste, Audrey, Charlie, Juliet and Bella. We had a great time, but both of them are too exhausted to finish a new episode of Cosmic Hellcat Adventures. So we decided to take the day off and run a photo comic instead.  And besides, admit it, it’s always fun to see the real life Hellcats!

And of course there will be a post with tons more pictures as soon as I sleep enough to get them all uploaded and posted.

Thanks to all the girls for coming out with us. Thanks to all the fans who stopped by to talk to us. And thanks to the folks at Steel City Time Machine for lending us their DeLorean for the shot. As Bella said, Time Travel doesn’t work in the Hellcat Universe anymore, after the events of Da Kitty Code, but even a non-functioning time machine should be built with style!